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About International Technical Advisory Services. Pty. Ltd. (I.T.A.S.)

Our Experience.

Over 40 years experience in the water treatment industry. Over 10 years experience in the writing of Risk Management Plans and Auditing Risk Management Plans in accordance with all Acts and Regulations.

Our Advantage

We have developed a web based program which keeps your Audit "alive" at all times, rather than an audit done for the previous twelve months work which is out of date as soon as the ink is dry on the certificate.

Your Advantage is:

  • Up to the minute data that tracks your audit compliance and the performance of the Water Treatment Service Provider.
  • Highlights high HCC and Legionella results and response times.
  • We chase missing documents on your behalf.
  • In all, far better legal protection, should an incident occur, as an independant DHS appointed Auditor can verify on your behalf that at the time of the incident a Risk Management Plan review had taken place, the Water Treatment Service Provider was acting in accordance with the Risk Management Plan.
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